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Chapter 6
One week later
In the Valley of Peace

Viper and Crane are enjoying a morning stroll in the village. The citizens would bowed in respect when they see them walked by.
Crane stretched out his wings and let out a sigh, "Today is so relaxing." he smiled at his wife.

Viper smiled loving back, suddenly a blue blur came around the corner and trips over Viper, hitting the earth with a thud.

The couple gazed at a water monitor on the ground, he looked between the ages of seven and eight, he's scales are blue and strangely he has black spiky hair.
He worn a black short-sleeve tunic, midnight blue pants with yellow leggings, black shoes and a yellow sash around his waist.

"Are you okay?" Crane told the boy, the lizard rolled to his back scrabbling away with fear in his topaz golden eyes.

"It's alright, don't be afraid." Viper said softly.

"Kai, there you are." said a voice, the masters turned around and saw a female water monitor, in her mid- twenties, light blue scales, golden eyes, and long black hair.

The little lizard called Kai quickly ran behind the older one, she bowed at the couple.
"I'm sorry, if my son caused any problems. It's our first time in the Valley of Peace, he was just looking around." she said respectfully, Kai peeked from behind his mother's leg staring at the masters.

"No problems at all, we were just making sure that he was alright." Crane replied, Viper smiled at Kai whom shyly hid his face in respond. Viper giggled a bit because Kai reminds her of a certain avian.

"My name is Viper and this is my husband Crane." Viper said, she and Crane bowed.
"And your son is adorable." she added.

"Why thank you, my name is Azula. You've already met Kai." she affectingly rubs his head. "He's a little shy." his mother whispered.

"So it you're first visit here?" Crane asked.
"Yes it is, and it certainly does lives up to it's name." Azula smiled, she suddenly feels a tug on her midnight blue dress-robe and looks down at Kai.

"Mama…" He said quietly and pointed a finger at his open mouth. Azula knows that Kai is saying that he hungry, she pulls out her coin pouch but frowns by the weight of it.

"What's the matter, Azula?" Viper asked gently.
"I've forgot that I spend all of my money at a Inn last night." she sadly gazed at Kai, she didn't know what to do. The little monitor hugs his mother's leg, he didn't like to see her sad.

"We can buy you something to eat." Viper offered.
"Oh no, I couldn't-" Crane raised his wing stopping Azula's objection.
"We're happy to help you two." the avian said.
"Thank you, I'll paid you back as soon as I can." Azula smiled at them.

"It's okay Azula, you don't have to worry about that." Viper replied, she gestured Azula to follow her and Crane.

The couple leads the mother and son to Mr. Ping's Noodle Shop. The customers noticed Viper and Crane and were in awe at their presents, the warriors went towards the counter. Mr. Ping was stirring noodles in the pot.

"Hello Mr. Ping." Crane said, the old goose set down his ladle and turns around.
"Oh! Crane, Viper, good to see you two again. Is Po with you?" Mr. Ping looked passed the masters but only saw Azula and Kai behind them.

"No Mr. Ping, Po not here." Viper informed him, the goose seem disappointed but then he smiled at the warriors.

"So what can I do for you two?" Mr. Ping grabs his knife and starts chopping the celery.
"We would like to treat our new friend and her son to a hot meal." Crane said, he stepped aside letting Azula come up to the counter.

"Hello there I'm Mr. Ping." he said nicely.
"I'm Azula." she placed her claws on Kai's shoulders.
"And this is my son, Kai." Mr. Ping smiled at them.

"Nice to meet you both, now what would you like to eat? I have noodle soup, dumplings, and tofu."

"Two bowls of soup and some dumplings, please." Azula asked.
"Make that four bowls." Viper added
"Coming up." the goose brought out five bowls he poured the soup into four and puts dumplings in the fifth. Mr. Ping garish the soups and handed out the bowls. Crane and Azula carried two bowls each and went to a table and placed them down, Crane went back to the counter to get the dumplings and paid for the food.

They settle down at the table, Viper and Crane sitting on one side, Azula and Kai on the other. Azula made sure that Kai's soup wasn't too hot before he eats it, Kai's face lit up as he took a slip of the broth.
Mr. Ping waddled by, "Do you like the soup, young man?" Kai nodded happily and continue eating,

"How old is Kai?" Viper asked.
"He going be to eight this winter." Azula replied with a smile.
"I have a granddaughter that just turn six, such a sweet, energetic cub just like her father."
Mr. Ping said proudly and pointed at a poster on his wall with Po's picture on it, saying
'My son the Dragon Warrior'

Azula was surprised to see that Mr. Ping's son is a panda and the Legendary Dragon Warrior,
"Your adopted son?"

Mr. Ping made a grimace look, "I don't like to use the A-word, he my son that's all that matters." He smiled at the poster.

"Why did you come to the Valley of Peace?" Crane inquired, Azula appeared to be worried by the question.

"I came here to begin a better life but I spend all my savings just to get to the Valley, I don't even know where we're going to sleep tonight." she gazed down sadly.

Mr. Ping, Viper and Crane had true empathy for her, then an idea came to the old goose.
"I have a spare room, you can stay as long as you want." he stated.
Azula unexpectedly hugged Mr. Ping, "Thank you so much Mr. Ping but please allow me to work in your shop, I would like to earn my stay."
"Then it's agreed, now enjoy your meal and later I'll show you the room you'll be staying in." Azula let go of the goose then wipe away a tear from her eye, she felt very bless at that moment. Mr. Ping gave her one last smile and went back to the kitchen.

"Hear that sweetie, we're staying here." Azula told Kai, he beamed at his mother, she hugged her son. Viper and Crane smiled too.

However the happy little moment was interrupted by the sounds of panic screaming, Mr. Ping hurry out the kitchen with his ladle to see what was going on, they looked at the entrance of the shop and saw the villagers running for their lives.
"Everybody run!! Bandits!!" screamed a pig.

Viper and Crane rushed out of the restaurant to the street and saw the bandits, a group of at least thirty badgers, they were using their claws to destroy anything in their path. Azula, Kai and Mr. Ping watch from the entrance as the couple confronted the bandits and went into their fighting stance.
"Bandits are not welcome here, leave now." Viper ordered coldly. The leader started laughing then his men join in.

"We honestly don't care." the leader said, the badgers surrounded Viper and Crane baring their teeth at them.

"Woooo-hoo! The reinforcement is here!" Po rammed through the badgers sending a good amount of them on the ground, the others were right behind him.
"Hey guys needs some help." Mantis said as the team regroup and size up their opponents.

Tigress snarled at the badgers but they were not intimidated by her, the masters attacked. Crane flapped his wings creating a gust of wind, pushing some of the bandits back.
Monkey strikes one in the chest with all four of his limbs sending the bandit backward into a few badgers knocking them down.
Viper dodges a punch and swiftly slide up the badger's arm, grabbing his wrist tightly with her tail then she jumps on a nearby badger wrapping her coils around his neck and pulls hard making the first badger punch the second in his face.
Mantis kicked one in the gut making the badger topple over then the bug uppercut him in the jaw.
Tigress leaps in the air did a flip and kicked a badger on the forehead with so force that he lost consciousness.
Po evaded a couple of swipes then he punch the bandit knocking him out, three badgers tackled the panda to the ground, they started waling on him, Po can only block his face from their fists.
Mr. Ping blood boiled suddenly the old goose charges towards them.

"Get off my son!" he shouted as he swung his ladle, hitting a badger on the back of his head. The badger turned around and snarled at the goose. Mr. Ping froze with his mouth opened. His eyes shifted from the snarling badger, to the ladle, and then back to the badger. The old goose chuckled uneasily and slowly hid the ladle behind his back.

The badger stalked Mr. Ping then he pounce but Tigress slams into the badger and has him pin with her knee on his lower back and his arm behind him.
"Po! Get him to safely." the tiger ordered. The panda was still getting hammer on by the two bandits.
"On it!" Po called back, he reach out grabbing the badgers by the throats then bash their skulls together and toss them aside. Po got up rushing to his father picks him up and brings him back to the Noodle Shop.
"Dad don't ever do that again." Po placed the goose down.
"I'm sorry Po, I just can't stand the sight of you getting hurt." Po scoffed
"Ha! They didn't hurt me… much." he said that last part under his breath, rubbing his sore arm. Po noticed Azula and Kai standing at the entrance.
"Hi." He waved at them.

"Po we're still fighting here!" Mantis shouted as he kicked a badger in the nose causing him to bleed.

"Oh right, coming guys." Po hurries back to the battle. Tigress still had the badger pin under her, he mumbled something, the tiger snarled and snaps the badger's shoulder out of the socket making him scream in pain then she got up and kick him out of her way.
"That's was a bit extreme." Po said, he was standing by her side.
Tigress looked at him, "I didn't like the word he called me."
Two bandits lunged at Po and Tigress, the warriors punched them in the face.

Soon the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five defeated the bandits.
"Yeah, we did it!" Po exclaimed as he was hopping and raised his arms up in triumph. The villagers came out of their hiding places, cheering for their heroes.
Po felt something latch on his belly, he looked down to see his father hugging him, the panda hugged him back.

Mr. Ping hop off then Tigress walked up to Po and rest her head on his shoulder, Po smiled loving at her. Mr. Ping waddles to Azula and Kai, "Come, I like to introduce you to my son." he said proudly, the mother and son trail behind him.

"Azula, Kai, this is my son, Po the Dragon Warrior and that lovely tiger on his arm is his wife, Master Tigress." the goose stared at the couple. "Po, Tigress, this is Azula and her son, Kai. They're going to be living with me."

"What?" Po and Tigress said, Mr. Ping starts telling them about Azula's problem then Crane and Viper came by to verify it.

"I'm going to give you a word of advice Azula, around lunchtime this place is pack, so be on your toes and watch were you put your tail. Not many people like tail soup." Po said.

Azula bowed, "Thank you for the advice, Dragon Warrior."
Po raised his paw "No need for that, friends just call me Po."

*BONG!* when the nearby children heard the gong they excitedly headed to the Jade Palace, Kai watches curiosity at the kids.

Azula noticed Kai "Where are the children going in such a hurry?" she asked.
"Kung Fu Class, I'm teaching them." Po looked at Kai and smiled.
"Would you like to come, Kai?" he asked, the little lizard stared at Azula.
She gave him encouraging smile and nodded, Kai glanced back at Po and nodded.
"Let's go then." Po said happily as he leads the way with Kai following.

Azula stands there watching her son go with an uneasy smile.
"You don't have to worry, Po is really good with children." Tigress stated. Azula looks at her.
"Mr. Ping did mention he has a granddaughter."
"Our daughter Bai Lin, we also have a son, Xin." Tigress and Azula started a conversation about motherhood.

Monkey and Mantis looked around at the unconsciousness badgers on the ground.
"Guess we're on clean up duty again." Mantis said as he shaking his head.
"I'll go get a cart." Monkey responded and left.
"I'll make sure that these guys stay out." Mantis saw one of the badgers move and he strike his head.

The Training Hall Grounds

Po and Kai just made it to the doors of the training grounds
"Your going to like here Kai, I'm sure of it." Po grinned as he was opening the door, but he saw Shifu coming towards them.

"Po there you are, I was-" Shifu noticed the blue monitor. "Who is this?" the Grandmaster asked.
"Master Shifu this our new student, Kai." Po introduced.
"Welcome young Kai." the red panda said with smile, "Now please go join the others, I need to talk to Master Po." Kai nodded and went inside.
"What is it Shifu?" Po asked.
"I was walking around in the Hall of Warriors earlier." Po gulped.
'Maybe he didn't notice.' he thought hopefully.
"And I saw that the Sword of Heroes was upside down." Shifu gave Po a stern look.
'He noticed.' he sheepishly chuckles.

Once Kai was inside the training ground he saw all of students were play fighting, lots of bunnies, piglets and young geese.

"What do we have here?" said a dark gray pig with two other pigs following him, they stared at Kai.

"New student huh? Just so you know I'm toughest one in the class, so stay out of my way." the pig said arrogantly, his lackeys agreeing with him. Kai just walked away from them.
The pig stepped in front of him, "I didn't say you can go." Kai tries to leave but the pig blocks his path then the pig pushed him to the ground.
The pigs laughed at him, the other students stop play fighting and gawked at them.
Kai just wanted to run and never come back.

"Leave him alone." said a voice, Kai looked and saw a white tiger cub defending him.
The pig trembled a little "Stay out of it, Bai Lin or-"
"Or what?" Bai Lin growled she walked between Kai and the pigs staring them down, the lackeys left their leader.
Bai Lin swing her fist over the pig's head, "Don't hit me!" he cried and ran away from her.
Bai Lin smirked a bit then turns around and offer Kai her paw, he reach out his claw and Bai Lin pulls him up.
"That guy a jerk, are you okay?" she asked, Kai nodded and smiled.
"I'm Bai Lin, what's your name?"
"…Kai…" he replied quietly.

Po enter the grounds rubbing a newly form bump on his head, "Alright class we have a new student." Po placed his paw on the monitor' shoulder, "His name is Kai." some of the student said hi to him.

"Now lets start training." Po said excitedly, the kids cheered.
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