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September 29, 2011
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Chapter 5



Six Years Later…

The sun just started to rises, Po was laying on his bed already wake, he couldn't believe how so much has change over the last six years. Something snuggled next to him pulling Po out of his thoughts, he grinned and holds his wife closely, listening to her purrs.

(Tigress and Po have been married for about five years, and now they're living on the second floor of the barracks.)

"Morning honey." Po said tenderly, he leans in and kiss Tigress's forehead.

"It's not morning 'til the baby is awake." Tigress whispered with her eyes closed and nuzzled her head on Po's chest, they hear a whimpering sound coming from the basket next to them.

"Right on cue." Po chimed, Tigress got up and went towards the basket to picked up the black and orange cub inside.

"Morning Xin." Tigress said sweetly as she kiss the baby, Po went behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. They looked down at the baby with a smile.

(Xin is Po's and Tigress's son, he was born last spring, he looks like Tigress, has his father's eyes and the same black blotches on his body except with orange stripes, and has a bit of fur sticking up on top of his head.)

"I'll get Lin." Po said giving Tigress a kiss on the cheek then one to his son, and walked out into the hallway.

The second floor looks just the first, but Tigress and Po modified the rooms on the left side, they took down the walls that divided them so they have room for their big bed.
And gave Bai Lin a room on the right side.

Po enters Bai Lin's room quietly, though she isn't his daughter by blood, she is in so many other ways. Posters of him and the Furious Five hang on her wall, and his old wooden action figures were on her nightstand.

Bai Lin was still sleeping in her bed holding her favorite stuff panda doll in her arms, Po looks at her with such adoration in his eyes.

Po believes that Bai Lin growing up too fast.

"Lin sweetie, time to get up." Po lovingly said as he gently shook her a little, Bai Lin wrinkled her face then turns over her back facing the panda.

"Baba it's not time to get up unless the gong rings." she said groggily, Po chuckled.

*BONG!* the sound of the gong echoed through the Valley.
'Perfect timing.' Po smiled.

"Come on Lin, today is a special day remember?" Po told her, Bai Lin gasped and quickly sat up.

"Today is my first day of training!" she shouted excitedly and fist pumped.

"Yep, and Mama got a surprise for you." Po grinned.

Bai Lin looked at him with those huge sapphire eyes "Really!" She jumped out of bed, Po picks her up and puts her on his shoulders, carry her back to his room.

Tigress smiled when she saw Po and Bai Lin. "I see someone excited today."

"That saying it mildly." Po stated and puts the giggling Bai Lin down, she ran to Tigress and hugs her leg.

"Good morning Mama." Bai Lin said happily, Po took Xin so Tigress can hug their daughter, the mother lifts Bai Lin up in a warm embrace.

"Morning darling." Tigress said lovingly, they hold each other for a while.
"So ready for your first day of training?" she puts Bai Lin down.

"Yes!" Bai Lin replied cheerfully, Tigress smiled and walked over her side of the bed and picked up a box.

"Then you're going to need these." Tigress handed the box to Bai Lin, the white tiger cub opened it and her eyes widen.

Inside the box are training clothes, a dark blue vest with silver linings, a pair of dark blue pants, and a black sash. Also a pair of new sandals.

"This is totally awesome!" Bai Lin shouted and hugs Tigress, "Thanks Mama!" her mother hugs her back.

"Go put them on Lin, so we can see how awesome they look on you." Po said with a huge grin, Bai Lin took the box and hurried to her room to change.

"She growing up so fast, it only feels just like yesterday she was a baby in my arms." Tigress reminisced.

"I know how you feel, I can only hope Xin doesn't grow up too quickly." Po looked at his son.

"Wow, I swear that Xin is looking more like you everyday." the panda said, Tigress smiled and kissed Po.

"And Bai Lin becomes more like you." She added, Po chuckled.

Bai Lin came rushing inside the room with her new clothes on.

"Look at me, I'm Kung Fu warrior! HIYA!" Bai Lin started punching and kicking air, she accidentally kicked a hole in the wall.

"Oops!" Bai Lin covered her mouth, Tigress and Po started laughing.

"Don't worry about it Lin, every great warrior tends to break a few things when first training." Po told her.


The Kitchen…

Jin is cooking breakfast, rice with many different stir-fries to choose from, and all the dumplings you can eat.

Mantis and Monkey enter the kitchen, both yawned, greeted Jin and sat down at the table.

"Where is Crane and Viper?" Jin asked.

"Married couple number two? Probably sleeping in." Mantis said as he wiggled his brow, Monkey rolled his eyes.

"We heard that Mantis." the bug flinched then turn to see Crane and Viper glaring at him.

(Viper and Crane were married three years ago, although it was difficult. Viper's father didn't approve of it because she is the first born to the family line, Viper gave up her title making her sister the heir but all that was in the past and Viper's family came to accepted Crane.)

Crane and Viper sat down at the table, a minute later they all heard laughing and giggling.

"Here comes the Pings." Monkey said with a smirk.

Po and Tigress walked in with Bai Lin holding their paws, Tigress has Xin in the other arm.

"Morning guys." Po greeted.

"Morning." they replied.

Bai Lin rushed to Jin and hugs her, "Hi Nana." Jin smiled.
"Hello sweetheart."

Jin became more of a grandmother then a nanny to Bai Lin.

"What this I see? Lin is wear training clothes." Monkey said, Bai Lin went to him smiling.

"It's my first day of training, Uncle Monkey." she said excitedly and did a stance.

"Already? Lin you're growing up so fast." Monkey lifts her up in his arms and pokes her pink nose, she giggled.

Mantis leaps on Monkey's shoulder "So what style do you want to learn Lin?" the bug asked, "…Mantis…" He fake coughed.

"I don't know Uncle Mantis, maybe I can learn all of them!" she responded enthusiastically, everybody started laughing.

Shifu walked inside and smiled "I see that Bai Lin is ready for today."

"Fu-Fu!" Bai Lin jumped out of Monkey's arms to hug Shifu, he chuckled and hugged her back.

'Your spirit lives on in Bai Lin, brother Lan' The Grandmaster thought.


Later at the
Exterior of the Training Hall

Po is holding Bai Lin's paw, they just made it to the doors of the training grounds, Po looked down at his daughter.

"Ready Lin?" he smiled at her.

"Ready Baba." Bai Lin said happily.

"Now Lin, remember what Mama told you?" Po questioned her.

"Umm…" she responded confusedly.

"You have to call me, Mama, or the others; Master when we're training you."

Bai Lin tilted her head "Why?" Po chuckled, leans down to her ear.

"So you don't make the other kids jealous." he whispered.

"Oh okay Ba… Master." Bai Lin said.

"That's my girl." Po beamed at her and ruffled the cub's head making her giggled.

They went inside and saw a bunch of bunnies, piglets, and goslings playing around.

'Whoa big class this year.' Po thought.

"The Dragon Warrior!" the kids shouted when they saw Po, they ran to him asking all kinds of questions.

"Alright kids settled down now." Po gestured them to sit which they did, Bai Lin sat in the front.

"Now then, who's all here to learn how to kick butt?" Po asked, almost all the kids shouted "Me!"

"Okay but kicking butt is just a small part of Kung Fu." Po kicked up in the air.
"It's awesome, but it's small." the kids gave him a puzzled look.

"Kung Fu means; excellence of self, and the Furious Five each had to learn the secrets to become excellent."

Kids asked him about the secrets Po grin and started telling the stories about the Furious Five.
:pointl: Chapter 4: [link]

- Xin (heart)

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